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Quote: Originally Posted by Inflatable View Post
I happen to have upgraded from a MSI Gaming GTX 980Ti 6G to a MSI RTX 2080 Ventus 8G last week and I can tell you it's been a very good upgrade sofar.. I did go for the regular Ventus despite knowing it has a non-A chip because I figured the possible difference in overclocking would not be worth the extra money (non OC version was 70 euro cheaper).. And I was right to take the gamble because the card I got overclocks to the same numbers I see people get with the OC version (2055/2070Mhz also mentioned by fleps).. It also runs nice and cool (74c max) with the fans only running at 43% with the default fan profile.. As a result the 2080 Ventus is more quiet under load then the 98Ti Gaming was.. In the end I think the MSI Ventus is the best value for money 2080 you can buy right now, if you do not care about RGB etc.. I got it for less then 700 euro where most other 2080's are still close or well over 800.. If you can get the Ventus OC version for not much more money you can get that but I doubt you would get much more out of it because I've read that's also limited to the same +11% powerlimit for overclocking..
Yo thank you for the reply my man, that does seem like a nice direct upgrade especially the temps and noise as my gaming 6g has to have 80% fan speed to hover about 75-82c depending on load.

Patience paid off, sat with the cards I wanted bookmarked and checked amazon every few hours or so to see price flucuations and the gaming x trio came down to £710 which is same price as cards like evga sc and gigabyte gaming and only a bit more expensive than the ventus. Well excited first card upgrade since the 980ti launch. This is the model I really wanted after the asus, but at £100 cheaper than the asus I think it was the best purchase.

Will post some results soon.

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