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Quote: Originally Posted by Digitalwolf View Post
Yes at $2000 why would anyone buy it. I could buy a 2990WX for less than that....

Right now a 2950X is selling on Amazon for USD $799.99.... so to me that would seem like a reasonable top end price range for the mainstream side. You could also say leaks claim that the price should be lower... maybe it will be. I just don't think an AM4 chip at $800+... Well I guess it depends on if they can swing the HEDT crowd over there and if the lack of quad channel memory would affect what they would be running.

It's not like the 16c/32t chip has to be aimed at the general market. They have plenty of products coming (according to leaks etc).

That said.... I am going to guess that at least with some of these chips. If you don't have a pre-order in and the initial batches sell out. Then just like every other "launch" you will see products listed with stupid prices... maybe even $2000... We've seen both GPU's and CPU's listed at double the msrp after the batches sell out.
800 dollars is not a reasonable price point for mainstream parts. Besides, the AM4 platform is a lot less featureful, so it would be even less reasonable to charge the same price. It has fewer memory channels, it has fewer PCIe lanes, and at a physical level the CPU package and socket are less complex and costly to build.

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