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Quote: Originally Posted by Particle View Post
800 dollars is not a reasonable price point for mainstream parts. Besides, the AM4 platform is a lot less featureful, so it would be even less reasonable to charge the same price. It has fewer memory channels, it has fewer PCIe lanes, and at a physical level the CPU package and socket are less complex and costly to build.
I was simply showing an example. The performance results leak if real is more than that $799 CPU I used for comparison. Memory channels come down to if you personally really take advantage of them and with PCIE 4.0... I'm not really sure how the lanes work out.

*I* am not paying $800 for an AM4 CPU... ever.

I like the leaked prices... but I'm not sure those are real either.

I've already sold off all my excess parts. I'm definitely doing a build with one of these CPU's. To be quite honest even at one leaked price of around $500 for a 16c/32t part... I would be leaning more towards a 12c/24t part. This is also probably the last build I'm going to do or at least for a long time. So I'll have to see final specs before I make my choice locked in.
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