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Quote: Originally Posted by LesPaulLover View Post
Generally speaking, your components will:
1) Under-clock and/or under-volt themselves when they detect an over-temperature operation.
2) Shut the system down entirely if the reduction in clocks/voltages haven't resulted in sustainable safe temperatures

Your CPU, more-than-likely, is completely fine. The throttling temp for the 3770k looks to be around 100c (69c is a VERY safe operating temperature). If your CPU reached that temperature it would have then automatically downclocked itself. If temps went even higher still, the CPU would have ordered your PC to shutdown entirely.

Unfortunately I cannot be entirely sure about your GTX780. As you stated, 95c is indeed the maximum safe operating temperature for that GPU and (also as you said) when it reaches that temperature it thermally throttles - this is INTEDED and by manually overclocking and bypassing that thermal throttling you MAY have damaged the card.

Are you experiencing any artifacting in games? Crashing of games? Monitor randomly going black for short periods of time? If not your GPU is PROBABLY fine, but bro, you need to do something about your cases airflow. A GTX780 should not be running @ 95c sustained for any long periods of time if your case has sufficient airflow!

Hopefully this was helpful!
No i didn't bypassed thermal throttling, i don't experience any problems like that. I don't know how long i was on 90-95 couple days maybe, because i had no idea for gpu is it is different than for cpu and i even read temps over 90 increases performance. Don't know which phrase i used, now i found 85C max for long term usage. And airflow is fine. It is probably fine than.
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