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Quote: Originally Posted by andrews2547 View Post
I was talking about his leaks specifically. Not leaks that he has reported on.
I think he is full of cr*p. A hardware guy on Resetera has leaked the line-up being revealed tomorrow:

R5 3600- 6C 12T
R5 3600X- 6C 12T
R7 3700- 8C 16T
R7 3700X- 8C 16T
R7 3800X- 12C 24T
-Launch in July
-A few months later you'll get the 3200G and 3400G APU's, which will round off the lower end.
-Those have already been announced (albeit their laptop varients), basic 4c/4t and 4c/8t respectively on 12nm
-Prices all around are quite reasonable, however theyre not the miracle works you've heard before
-3800X is priced lower then the OG 1800X, so you don't have to worry about spending $500
-16C 32T unit isnt coming at launch, or even being revealed.
-Ive heard numerous months for that, but the general consensus is Winter


This guy is reliable.

So it looks like Adored's December hype chart was almost entirely wrong, he got the SKUs wrong, the prices wrong, the APU part was all wrong, and I'm willing to bet that nearly all of the clockspeeds are wrong. Adored was either fed fake info, or made the chart up himself. Whatever the case, he created unrealistic hype that AMD couldn't live up to, especially with those silly prices (which I said at the time were pie in the sky stuff, 7nm 6-core Ryzen for $99?!?!?).
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