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Quote: Originally Posted by Retrorockit View Post
The +7 overclock is just about what I get with setFSB on my Optiplex 380 X5470. It's such a barebone office computer there's no extra PCIe slot to try an SATA work around. While you're at the Notebook site you might check out the TME unlock method. My programming skills =0 so my understanding is very limited. But the PLL can have a hex bit
set at boot that puts a hard limit on FSB speed. Since X58 CPUs all run the same BCLK there might be a default setting that's been applied. To avoid spoofing with a resistor it then outputs a 33Mhz PCI frequency. I think the edit tool in SetFSB might be able to access this and change it. BIOSmods.com does do some work with Dell BIOS. I haven't heard any mention of TME unlock there though. iIf you can get the datasheet for your PLL you can locate the pin involved. That's far as I got with it. The BIOS modders might be able to do this if you could tell them what you want done.
This was used by Dell in LGA775 to lock the 65nm to 266fsb, 45 nm to 333fsb, and only the high end dual Xeon workstations got 400fsb CPU support. This defeated the pinmodding overclocks back then. They may still be using it.
It might be interesting to lower the fsb and add another multiplier or 2 just to see how much control SetFSB actually has available.
Thank you for all the detailed info. Evidently a lot of laptop users are dedicated to overriding BIOS limitations. I can see why, it's fascinating stuff.

I know what you mean, my programming skills are very limited. I can usually modify someone elses code either to suit my purposes or rarely add to the occasional project on git, but that's about it.

BIOS mods are definitely worth a shot, I agree. There are some very talented BIOS modders that might have no problem with whatever protection is on this BIOs.

Seeing what else can be done with the FSB would be interesting indeed. At X31 multi it's peculiar to see it hit 145 and beyond in HWiNFO. Not sure if it's a garbage reading or what.

Hopefully I'll have some time to find the PLL this week. I'll probably need to move the rig around to install fans anyway (hopefully my third purchase of cheap fans will be the charm...first refunded Deltas with junk bearings, then refunded refurb Yate Loons caked in rust, now a case of San Ace 140x38mm coming in a few days that were crazy cheap).

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