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Quote: Originally Posted by Gunderman456 View Post
New to the blatant in your face fleecing and I'm tired of steering the landmines. I guess you're ok with their ongoing shenanigans. You should have been vocal back then if that is the case. Thanks man! With no internet, you should have written them a letter - signed "We do not consent" and voted with your wallet.

How the hell was the binning of Haswell not blatant? how the hell was the K non K processor distinction of the same model number not the same thing? You realize its essentially the exact same silicon from the same wafers?
the locking down happens after the initial testing?

I'll be blunt your picking this hill to die on right now smacks of media influncer type malarky, because your attempting at creating a artifical controversy over a very long standing industry wide practice to obfuscate matters.
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