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Quote: Originally Posted by Kpjoslee View Post
Actually, no, he didn't get any of those right, which would mean he might have been tricked by a source claimed to be an insider, or intentionally gave him wrong numbers, since he never validated his source anyways.

I have no problem with Jim being wrong about leaks or rumors before announcement, since those things happen... but it is more about how he vigorously defended his claims and calling out people who questioned his "leaks" before computex, and how he is not willing to admit he is wrong after his leaks were proven false and even went on to criticize AMD for putting out "high price" for Ryzen 3 series.
Pricing is a versatile thing, they could change the price as and when they see the market deem fit.

Maybe the price were speculated to be if Intel was more competitive, but now that Intel has nothing new to offer AMD decide to go for more premium.

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