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Quote: Originally Posted by Tobe404 View Post
Nah, I only got 2 sticks of 8GB when I built the PC. I did look up the difference between Dual and Quad for RAM and didn't seem to be much of a difference. I might get 4 sticks one of these days though.

As it is my current RAM doesn't like going over 2666Mhz and that is very unstable at times. Even with increased voltage. So I figured I'd just try lower the timing and managed to go from 15 to 12.

I did get an extra 50 odd points in Cinebench R15 with the OC'd Cache. If it actually makes a difference in anything else though, who knows? I'll give it a go anyway.

Max temps were 74c for the hottest core and 79c for the CPU package (there is two CPU Package numbers listed in HWinfo though [74 and 79] so not sure which I should trust more).

Those temps are fine but shouldn't go any higher.

I'd really recommend you get some quad channel ram if you can find it for a good price, which at 2400mhz you probably can. I had quad channel with my 5820K and it felt butter smooth.

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