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Quote: Originally Posted by ajc9988 View Post
yeah, I can barely keep the VRM on this board to 84C or lower at 4.2GHz on my 1950X (1.375V) with liquid cooling. Because of that, I may want to upgrade the board for the VRM, but also for PCIe 4.0. Although, if they allow OCing on the Epyc systems, waiting for 2020 with potentially DDR5 on server systems may make me consider a 1P Asrock rack board. But that is if AMD does the 1P Epyc CPUs at the $500 delta they currently are at and hoping the server boards beef up the VRM on them as well.

But, we will see. And at least it won't be like Intel's TDP lie which pulls WAY more watts than marked. Here's hoping the 32 core power draw is really good.
This is a bit weird, even OCd TR 1950x drawing 300W is not heating up the VRM in any way with my LC - Seeing top 35 C with long full load. It gets that way with PBO engaged on P3.30.
Maybe your cooling is broken, bad contact or air in water block?
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