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There were 2 different Alienware ALX. The Aurora ALX = the Dell XPS 435MT which is Micro ATX with 6 DIMMs and 2 GPU slots= MS7591. That's the AW BIOS swap.

The Area 51 ALX I7 = the XPS 730x which is the full size ATX with 3 DIMM slots and 3 GPU slots= MS7543.
The full towers had high end cooling options to support factory overclocks and unlocked BIOS due to that.

They all have MS ID numbers on them and unlocked BIOS available.

Yours is Mid Tower ATX Dell XPS 435T/ XPS9000 with no equal Alienware, and no MS#,.6 DIMMs,and 1 GPU slot. Since you just need to add access to the unlocked settings maybe if you send a copy of each of the unlocked BIOS, and your locked BIOS to the modders they can add the settings without changing the hardware config. They all suppport the same CPUs. I can't guarantee it's an MSI board, but I think the chances are very good that it is. If it's Foxconn or Intel then it will probably stay locked.

I see that my previous statement was confusing. The 2 computers I mentioned "could" both have unlocked BIOS swapped in, just not with each other. I hope the longer explanation here clarifies things.

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