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Quote: Originally Posted by GripS View Post
There's nothing wrong with the mouse wheel. It's great actually. If you liked the feel of the original MX518 wheel you will be good with this one. Doesn't "Blow chunks" by any means... I prefer its stiffer steps to the sloppy ones (coming from a g403).
Been awhile since I posted, but considering what I and several other people have experienced with this scroll wheel including owners of previous generations of this shape it's pretty safe to say that at minimum a fair number of these has ****ty scroll wheels. You might've been lucky and got one that works just like the older ones I and several others weren't.

I fixed mine by taking the one from my G400 and putting it in my G MX518, and I'm talking just the wheel the rest of the assembly metal clip, spring and all came with the G MX518.

Oh and I got my G MX518 down to about 90g-91g

Picture I took just before reassemblying with all the components and screws I use. (screws are under the top part of the shell)

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