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Quote: Originally Posted by bigjdubb View Post
It's been a gradual thing. My downward spiral started with BF1, there was a lot about that game that I didn't care for and mostly it was the fact that they wanted to make a WWI game but they wanted it to play and feel like a modern era game (fast tanks, advanced weapons, remote explosives etc..). I thought Battlefield V was the redeemer because it started off great for me, but it turned stale really fast. I gave it some time off (absence makes the heart... blah blah blah) but when I came back after the big patches it was nothing but ctd's so I said to heck with it and just uninstalled it.

I feel like the battlefield team has kind of lost their way. They are trying to walk a fine line between hard(ish)core and casual and not having much success with it. I think they would have been better off keeping bad company going for the more casual fans and leaving Battlefield for it's more hardcore fanbase. One size fits all doesn't seem to be a very good approach with games.

Hopefully this COD is worthy of carrying the title and brings me back into the fold. The games have always been fun but there wasn't enough variation in them (game to game) to keep buying them. Also, it felt like the game got way too easy. The last one I played was one of the jumpy ones and it honestly felt like the guns has no recoil and maybe the bullets traveled too fast (??) or something. It just seemed more like UT or Quake where it was more about reaction speed and reaction accuracy than gun control.
I understand how you feel with BF, does seem like they don't really know who they want to be.

Lol jumpy is a good way to describe COD, seems like that is everyone's tactic, jump around every corner. I mean it works but it is super cheesy. I totally agree though I haven't seen them as worth buying each year. I personally have the most time in black ops 1. I think that was the last one with a server browser.

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