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Been out of the game for years. trying to get back in


I built my first PC sometime around 2013. After getting alot of help from OCN. from then on, i participated alot in discussions to learn more. reading alot of the stuff found here. but for 1 reason or another, my interest in PC hardware eventually faded sometime in 2016. but now, i am getting that interest again. However the issue is that now, i forgot everything... so for the past couple weeks, i have been reading articles on what has been happening, and some brushing up on basics. (RIP Intel.... struggling hard atm it seems. Leggooo AMD!)

now i am trying to get into the nitty gritty of things again and i ended up having some questions.

1. last big thing i was really interested in were PSU. trying to learn more about the specifics of a PSU from Shilka? Shika? and how its printed watt isnt everything. is this still hold true? or did PSU technology get advanced enough that the printed watts hold true? also, where can i get back all this information regarding PSU once more? i forget what thread it is... for example, i want to be able to help people that asks questions such as seen from this thread on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/co...ply_questions/

2. how do i know whether an application (software, game, etc) is single core or multi core (w/o having to google search.) what is the test to figure that out? and also, how many threads the application will/can use?

I am sure i have more questions. but i cant think of them atm.

thank you

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