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Quote: Originally Posted by mattxx88 View Post
but if you don't want to solder, may it be another way?
what do you think about copper conductive tape?
You need to get a very specific resistance with Turning GPUs. If you just short the shunts the GPU goes into safe mode, locked to 300 MHz.

If you want to lift the limit as much as you can without putting the card into safe mode you need to solder. A very precise application of liquid metal has been reported to work but that is at least as much of a pain as soldering and you might not lift the power limit very much after finally getting the application light enough to avoid safe mode. I also tried silver conductive pens with no luck.

Doubling the power limit requires adding a 0.005 ohm resistor but that will put the card into safe mode. So we add a 0.008 ohm one, but this only raises the power limit by 62.5%. This means you need to add liquid metal thin enough to provide ~0.008 ohms within about two thousands of an ohm. Also liquid metal will probably change over time so the resistance might go up, lowering the power limit, or down, triggering safe mode. Then there is the liquid metal potentially dissolving the solder under the shunt causing it to fall off... which makes it so the card cannot turn on unless you resolder it.
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