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7/7/2019 Ryzen3 You can retire it anyone else surprised about there not being a 16 core? 12 core for $500 I'm still pretty excited I wonder what is happening with the threadripper platform as it seems rumors of amd killing it off are wrong I wonder how a dual epyc build would handle a 2080ti.

After reading this thread I got inspired messed with my old 8120 rig I don't think I messed with it since I lapped it got it over 5ghz but heat soaked my h80 had to bring it down to 4.8- 1704 multi 253 single woof! I should be getting thermal glue for my dual 16 core rig monday 2080ti waterblock next week I have a crazy idea to use a heat exchanger to heat my pool/cool this rig hahaha should be fun!

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