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Hi guys, I have a question about my MSI RTX 2080 VENTUS 8G, I hope someone here with the same card can answer this.. Fan 1 is spinning about 10% slower under load than fan 2 with the stock fanprofile, is that normal? I ask this because fan 1 also makes a slight high pitched whining sound which I find annoying, so I wonder if the slower spinning is another indication it's faulty.. Fan 2 is completely silent when at idle speed (23%).. I'm thinking of RMAing the card because of the fan 1 issue, which would be a shame though as I'm otherwise very happy with the card.. It overclocks like a beast despite the socalled non-A chip.. 220Mhz on the core and 1000Mhz on the memory has been running flawless so far.. It keeps the core in games like The Division 2 well above 2000Mhz most of the time without any problems even after long periodes of play..


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