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Quote: Originally Posted by Black_Azrael View Post
So by my understanding, my 1c difference is pretty good then? (and no I wasn't running the fans at max)

If so, I'm not sure what I can do to lower the temperature even more.

I'm willing to change fans and fan direction/speed if need be but I want to keep this case.

Also, what do you mean by PSU TIM?
Here's the thing, right now you are feeding the GPU with air that is about 1C above the ambient temp in the room. No amount of fans will ever drop the inside of your case below ambient, which means that in a perfect world the best you could get would be a 1C temperature drop by only changing fans. This means that your options are lowering the temp of the room, or changing the cooler on the GPU to something like a Morpheus II, that is if the GPU TIM is ok. If that is where the issue lies, it's the easiest of the fixes.

And I would wager that @doyll meant to say GPU TIM.

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