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Freezer Burn 2019 Round 2 - GTX 460

Overclock.net Freezer Burn 2019 Round 2 – GTX 460

Welcome to the third Overclock.net Freezer Burn overclocking competition! The aim of this competition is to encourage people to explore overclocking on a level playing field with relatively inexpensive hardware. For this instalment we will be fighting it out with NVidia GTX 460 graphics cards and following the trend that we have set with the previous Freezer Burn competitions the main aim of this competition will be pushing these graphics cards to their very limits.

Released in July 2010 the GTX 460 is now approaching its ninth birthday, and whereas it initially retailed at $229 it can now be found for as low as $15 in some cases – making for an affordable introduction to overclocking legacy graphics cards!

To broaden access to the competition we are going to allow all NVidia GeForce GPUs in the 400 series up to and including the GTX 460 (all models). For a full list of graphics cards in the NVidia GeForce 400 series please proceed to the following web page: https://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard...rce_400_series. Please note that GTX 465/470/480 are not allowed to be used in this competition and also only single GPU core cards are allowed.

As a further step to create a level playing field all of the selected benchmarks have been tested to have minimal CPU frequency and core scaling – which in theory should mean that you can be competitive with ANY CPU.

This time around there will be no sponsors, however there is a total of $385 up for grab in prizes kindly provided by Overclock.net! These will be distributed out to first, second and third in the Ambient and Extreme categories as well as to a few lucky people through a random draw at the end (details below).

The competition will run from 12:00 UTC on 10th June 2019 to 12:00 UTC on 5th August 2019 giving you eight weeks to grab a graphics card or two and sweat it out against all of the other competitors!

A link to the timer is given below:

The benchmarks and restrictions that we put in place in this competition series are constantly evolving as we learn what works well and what people like (or dislike). As such we are going to keep the separation of Ambient (>20ºC) and Extreme (<20C) submissions the same as previous competitions. This means that people with air and water cooling solutions do NOT have to compete against people using dry ice or liquid nitrogen. Due to feedback from users after the last competition, and the fact that the current benchmarks have little to no scaling with CPU frequency, this time around there will be no core frequency limits for ambient submissions!

The structure of the competition remains similar to previously; there are four benchmarks, but only your top three scores will count towards your overall total. This means that you can focus on the benchmarks that you enjoy the most or try your hand in all of them for the best chance of winning.

Competition rules:
  • You may only participate in one of the two cooling categories (Ambient or Extreme).
  • You may change from the Ambient to Extreme category at any point in the competition.
  • You may NOT change back from the Extreme category to the Ambient category at any point in the competition.
  • If you wish to query the validity of another user’s submissions please do NOT do so in the competition thread, instead please contact one of the competition moderators via private message.
  • If one of the competition moderators formally requests further evidence (video proof, cooling verification, tweaks, etc.) for a score that seems out of line you are strongly advised to cooperate as otherwise you risk your submission(s) being removed from the competition.
  • The benchmark editors and moderators are exempt from any and all prizes to prevent conflicts of interests.
  • If you submit using an ES (engineering sample) CPU then you will be exempt from any and all prizes.
  • Disabling processor cores is allowed.
  • To be eligible for prizes you need to have had an Overclock.net account since the 1st February 2019.

Without further ado the benchmarks that have been selected for this competition are:
  • 3DMark13 Skydiver GRAPHICS.
  • 3DMark13 Firestrike GRAPHICS.
  • GPUPI V3.3.2 Legacy 1B.

General Rules:

There are some general rules that cover all of the benchmarks in this competition:
  • You need to display three tabs of CPU-Z in your verification screenshot; the CPU, Mainboard and Memory tabs to be specific. You can download CPU-Z here: https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html
  • You need to display the main tab (Graphics Card) of GPU-Z In your verification screenshot. You can download GPU-Z here: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/techpowerup-gpu-z/
  • For every applicable benchmark you are expected to save the data/result file for upload to the relevant website to validate your score and the settings used to run the benchmark.
  • For each separate submission you make you need to provide a picture of your overclocking rig for validation of cooling and proof of hardware.
  • You must use the provided background for all submissions:

Ambient category additional rules:

To ensure a fair competition there are additional rules for the ambient category:
  • You need to display HWMonitor with at least the current, minimum and maximum CPU core temperatures (UPDATED). You can download CPUID HWMonitor here: https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html
  • You need to display GPU Temp with the temperature profile of the GPU during the whole benchmark clearly shown as well as the current temperature of the GPU. This is to prevent people from running a LN2 pot at exactly 20°C (or any similar exploit) for the entire benchmark. You can download GPU Temp here: http://www.softsea.com/download/GPU-Temp.html
  • There is an idle temperature limit of 20°C for both the CPU and GPU in all benchmarks.
  • There is no CPU core count limit! (UPDATED)

3DMark13 Skydiver Graphics:

3DMark13 Firestrike Graphics:

  • This benchmark can be downloaded as a free 30-day trial from the AIDA website: https://www.aida64.com/downloads.
  • As there are no HWBot rules for this benchmark only the general and ambient category rules as stipulated above will be enforced.
  • For now it is assumed there are no RTC skew issues with this bench, so it is open to all platforms and operating systems. If this turns out to not be true and people abuse it, then the competition moderators will take action.
  • You must use AIDA64 version 6.00.5100 (released 21st May 2019), if the current release changes during the comp then it will be checked to see if there are any changes in score.
  • The score is the value of the SHA-1 hash test and all of the tests must be run to give a valid submission.
  • A valid screenshot is shown in the spoiler below as an example:

GPUPI V3.3.2 (Legacy) – 1B:
  • This benchmark can be downloaded via the creator (Mat) from: https://www.overclockers.at/news/gpu...upport-thread/. There is also a very useful FAQ section at the above link that should be able help you through most issues you are having running this benchmark.
  • We have decided to use the HWBot rules as a basis for this competition and they may be found here: https://hwbot.org/news/11973_application_145_rules/. However, any requirements stipulated in this thread take precedence over the HWBot rules.
  • Please note that the HWBot rules are for GPUPI V2.3 to V3.2, but we are applying them to GPUPI V3.3.2 (Legacy).
  • You are only allowed to run GPUPI V3.3.2 and it is required to run the Legacy release for the calculation to initialise. In addition HWInfo must be enabled in the benchmark settings and displaying the GPU core and memory clocks that the benchmark was run at.
  • In addition the score file must be saved and uploaded to HWBot (https://hwbot.org/submit/benchmark/gpupi_v3.3_-_1b/) to validate the score.
  • The score from this benchmark is the total time taken to complete the calculation.
  • A valid screenshot is shown in the spoiler below as an example:


The users who manage to finish the competition in the first, second or third positions in either the Ambient or Extreme categories will win a Paypal prize from OCN as laid out below:
  • First position - $75.00 Paypal.
  • Second position - $50.00 Paypal.
  • Third position – $37.50 Paypal.
There will also be three chances for people to win a $20 Paypal prize through a random draw at the end of the competition. @Jpmboy has also donated a set of TeamGroup Vulcan 2x8GB 2400MHz CL14-16-16-31 1.2V to be distributed as part of the random draw process. To be applicable for this prize draw you must have submitted valid scores for at least two of the four benchmarks and have an OCN account that has been registered since at least the 1st February 2019 (UPDATED).

Leaderboards and Scoring:
Using the same scoring method that we have used for the past few Freezer Burn competitions you will be ranked individually in your cooling bracket for each benchmark. The first place score in each benchmark will receive 100 pts and then decrement by 2pts for each position below first. Your three best benchmark rankings (out of the four benchmarks) will contribute to your overall ranking in your cooling bracket.

If there is a tie between two individuals in the overall ranking for a cooling bracket, then the fastest GPUPI score will act as a tiebreaker.


I would like to take a moment to thank:
  • @mllrkllr88 for co-managing this competition.
  • @Jpmboy for volunteering to help moderate the competition and donating the DDR4 to the random draw.
  • Overclock.net; for providing the prize money.

Final Note:
As a final note I wish everyone the best of luck with the competition! Also, if anyone is having any issues with running the benchmarks or volt modding then I highly encourage you to post here in the thread and someone is sure to help you out.

Cold-Slow BIOSes:
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DDR2 Frequency 1st Place = 910.1MHz DDR (1820.2MHz) - http://hwbot.org/submission/3589779

Reference Frequency 10th Place = 711.18MHz - https://hwbot.org/submission/3978447_

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