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Looks and sounds like an excellent build. I was thinking along the same lines once the new Ryzen 3 CPU's come out.
Transferring over some of my sig rig components and I'd be good. Seeing your setup convinces me to go this route.
Except I'll probably go the Linux or Win Server 19 route and use Emby for my media needs.

I have also been on the lookout for the Asrock Rack x470D4U2/2L2T line of server boards.
Would love to get the 2L2T version for onboard 10Gb but just may go with an add-on card depending on prices.
Add a gtx1060,1660 or use my RX 470 for transcoding and that's that.
I'm also planning to add some VM's just for pen-testing too. Anyway thanks for your insight.

EDIT: I'd also like to ask what are your idle and load watts usage. If you happen to know/care.

BP v2
(17 items)
Ryzen 1700
Asus ROG Strix 350-F
Sapphire RX nitro 480 8GB
Crucial Ballistix sport 32GB
Hard Drive
x2 Intel s3500 240GB
Hard Drive
x2 Intel s3500 600GB
Hard Drive
Intel s3500 300GB
Power Supply
SeaSonic Focus 650
Fractual Design S24
Anidees Crystal Cube Lite
Operating System
Win 10/Fedora 28 WS
LG 29UM68-P
LG 24in
Drevo Calibur 71 RGB wireless(Blacks)
Logitech G703
Klipsch R-14/15PM - 10in Sub
ATH M40x/ Phillips SHP9500S
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