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Hmmm, I'll have a look at Proxmox sounds interesting I was entertaining XCP-NG also.
I've looked/ran Unraid but it just didn't seem that impressive to me.
Especially the $$ part, when there are many viable/better free alternatives out there.
I agree with you that FreeNas is excellent overall, used it in the past.
At this time it doesn't fit my needs/wants specifically with storage.

Every time I want to increase my storage I don't want to have to buy x4 or x5 hdd's.
Whether going to bigger drives or adding another pool.
I just want to increase as I see fit. If I was running 50TB's to 100TB's then sure.
I'm still under 13TB's at the moment. And that's with a pool size of 20TB's
That's the part of ZFS I don't like, adds unwanted expenses IMO.

I'm thinking in the next couple of years or so I'll be moving to SSD's for bulk storage.
I've been using Win 16/19 with Stablebit drive pooling for a few years now, it's been solid so...

But yeah, I was impressed with the Asrock line-up of boards.
Not only IPMI but dual M.2 and optionally 10Gb plus support for 7nm on top.
So in a few years, I could throw in a 16c/32t CPU for relatively cheap.

No biggie about the power the consumption I have a kill-a-watt here.
It's just this server will be running 24/7 and don't want a power hog.
My current setup uses under 65w at load. I'll be hitting you up now & then for info.
Sorry so long winded.

BP v2
(17 items)
Ryzen 1700
Asus ROG Strix 350-F
Sapphire RX nitro 480 8GB
Crucial Ballistix sport 32GB
Hard Drive
x2 Intel s3500 240GB
Hard Drive
x2 Intel s3500 600GB
Hard Drive
Intel s3500 300GB
Power Supply
SeaSonic Focus 650
Fractual Design S24
Anidees Crystal Cube Lite
Operating System
Win 10/Fedora 28 WS
LG 29UM68-P
LG 24in
Drevo Calibur 71 RGB wireless(Blacks)
Logitech G703
Klipsch R-14/15PM - 10in Sub
ATH M40x/ Phillips SHP9500S
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