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Quote: Originally Posted by MilaweaX View Post

Do you think thermal paste would be sticky enough to hold the IHS in place while handling the CPU ?
I'm thinking of using it instead of silicone or glue.

I've got TG Kryonaut which is not electrically conductive.

Just buy RTV Silicone and use that.
It's cheap on Amazon.
And apply four VERY TINY small dabs (this is extremely important) on each corner of the IHS when relidding. It also helps if you sand the edges of the IHS as well, just enough so the copper color appears.
The four tiny dab method not only keeps the IHS as close to the core as possible (RTV will expand when cured, that's why you need to use as little as possible), but it also makes future delids easy to do without even using a tool. (the hardest part then is just cleaning the residue off when applying more

Make sure you remove all of the original black Intel adhesive as well.

You can use Kryonaut between IHS and cpu core. Yes it DOES work better than the Dow corning stuff Intel uses, but it's not optimal. It still does work. Liquid metal is best however. Go ahead and use it until you get some actual liquid metal.

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