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Mugen 5 if you can't fit the Thermalright Macho / ARO-M14G.

NH-U14S has staggered heatpipes but performance is close enough that you should only buy it if you can get the newer version with AM4 support out of the box.

see https://nl.hardware.info/reviews/778...j-30-en-40-dbn
https://nl.hardware.info/reviews/[email protected]

130W, 40dB
NH-D15 = 49.5°C
NH-U14S = 50.6°C
Mugen 5 = 53.3°C

CPU-only temp with overclocked Ryzen 7 , 3.9 GHz at 1.475 volts in Prime95:
NH-U14s single fan = 79.9°C
ARO-M14G = 83.3°C

Ryzen 1700X @ 3.9GHz
NH-D15 = 61°C
ARO-M14G = 64°C

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