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Quote: Originally Posted by bmgjet View Post
The liquid metal will hold it well enough if your just taking it from the delidding jig to putting it in the socket and clamping it down.
My 7900X only has liquid metal.
True, but not gluing down the IHS with adhesive is really something only experts (or people are just lazy or in a hurry) should be doing. It's very careless to do things haphazardly.
Many people have had issues with the IHS shifting when applying the retention lever, disturbing the LM application and causing very high temps. Novices should not have to deal with the extra work and care (and complete messups--requiring yet another repaste) from trying to use a "floating IHS". Why not simply do things the right way the first time? Provided the original Intel silicone is completely removed, you will never have issues like this if you take the time to secure the IHS with four small dabs of RTV silicone on each corner of the IHS. Then you just clamp it with the relid kit and let it sit two to three hours (you "can" try one hour if you're in a hurry but i wouldn't recommend it).

Not only does the 4 dab method secure the IHS enough, it also makes delidding again possible -with your fingernails-, provided you used the minimum amount possible. Less is more.

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