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Quote: Originally Posted by AlphaC View Post
Mugen 5 if you can't fit the Thermalright Macho / ARO-M14G.

NH-U14S has staggered heatpipes but performance is close enough that you should only buy it if you can get the newer version with AM4 support out of the box.
Thanks for the input! All Noctua coolers except for U12A require separate AM4 mounting kits but those kits are readily available in retail, cost $5 and I've included their cost in the listed prices.
Regarding the staggered heat pipes - is that a good or a bad thing?
Also is it worth getting D15S over U14S purely for performance in your opinion? Or is the difference too small to even bother considering it?

Quote: Originally Posted by Owterspace View Post
LGMRT is 3mm shorter than the M14G, and 1mm taller than U12A.

M14G rated @ 240w, LGMRT rated @ 320w. Also, LGMRT is big, but in a compact way.

Since you cant run TS140P, my money would be on LGMRT or U12A, and out of those two I would choose Thermalright again.
Thanks for the input. Height is not an issue since all of those are below 170mm tall. Sadly, LGMRT is completely out of stock now so why is your money on U12A?
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