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Quote: Originally Posted by ILoveHighDPI View Post
I’m super glad they mentioned low input latency.
Apparently Xbox One is regularly 30-50ms slower than PS4 with input lag. Any Xbox user who cares about competition needs to upgrade to Scarlett ASAP just for that feature alone.

Speaking of inputs, that Elite 2.0 is a must have. I’ve been ripping the springs out of my analog sticks for the last 20 years because tension is just too high and I can’t use a stock controller for more than a week without getting inflammation in my wrist (it was mostly console gaming in the 90’s that did that to me).
Springless sticks are still the ideal when I’m playing shooters (especially on the left stick so you can rest the stick at full tilt for movement) and I probably won’t ditch my modded Elite entirely, but getting tension just right for platforming games is nearly impossible (tension as low as possible but still snappy).

Where are you getting that info? I am pretty sensitive to latency issues and I notice no such added 30-50ms latency on Xbox One X over playing on my PC on a game with the same 30fps lock.

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