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Quote: Originally Posted by gipetto View Post
The best standard way is to have no ratio between debounce time and click latency. When the click occurs, immediately bypass any delay code and register the click to the host pc, then from that point on start counting debounce time before it unclicks. about 14ms or so would be ok, but up to 24 ms is fine too.
Pretty much, plus the 3 contacts switch hardware based bouncing reduction. The problem with click delays is mostly from crappy firmware adding unnecessary delays instead of doing it proper.


The shapes... not interested. Too tiny meant for small hands and claw grip. Plus it may get into issues with who ever you copy the shape from: Logitech, BenQ, ...

Hexagonal while looking "cool" is not the most structurally stiff or breaking resistant. Plus if the material is thick then what weight saving really is there compared to a thin solid wall material.

Dunno how much a "die" to manufacture the shape costs but it certainly isn't cheap. Most of these projects often go the route of DIY and 3D print instead.

Hard to tell from only rendered pictures how stiff and resistant it will be, one has to hold and use it to know.
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