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Quote: Originally Posted by seryth View Post
There will always be something that someone will complain about you can't please everyone - from what I've noticed the holes do provide a weight reduction while also cooling my hand during gaming sessions which is an added perk for me. With the standard shells my hand tend to sweat quite a bit. If the community here highly disliked the holes and wanted them removed I would obviously do just that. Either way my goal is to actually fund this project via preorders or starting an indiegogo campaign I'm just hoping their is some sort of demand for this type of mouse. If not at least I've tried.
Good to see something light finally targeted for peoples with smaller hands and shorter grip styles. I'm signed up if the hardware reach a proper level in quality control (including the scroll wheel). Is hot swap able switches a possibility here?

I'm used to clear my hardware and I sweat a lot too so holes are very interesting to me, unfortunately everything released so far (G Model O..) is still too big.
Reinforcing the shell in few spots by covering the holes could help preserve its integrity.

Please don't give up on the idea, there are similar peoples looking for replacement of their old g100s, Ninox aurora & co without trading dimensions. (not even mentioning girls gamers who tend to have shorter hands too)
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