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Quote: Originally Posted by Redwoodz View Post
Funny how the haters are coming out saying 4k is impossible,can't be real, can't do 144Hz..etc. If it was blue or green they would be shouting how superior their hardware is.....anyhow,
This will bring PC gaming gear down in prices.
It may have an option to do 120hz or 4k, but it's unlikely it will be doing anything in 4k and 120hz at the same time unless its something very simple.

It's just unlikely any devs would choose to design their games that way. If you can aim for 4K 120hz with lower graphics or 4k 60hz with the best graphics you can get out of the system, devs are gonna do the latter. Hell, they might even keep aiming for 30hz a lot of the time.

120hz capability for consoles is not going to mean 120hz game in 4k. Not even a 2080 Ti can do 120hz 4K in newer games.

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