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Quote: Originally Posted by doyll View Post
I agree with Owterspace about LGMRT.
Probably because NH-U12A has 7x heatpipes and 2x Nf-A12x25 fans (best fans out right now), all in 158x135x112mm package makes it a winner in everyone's eyes .. except those who can't stand baby poo brown fan colors.
Again, sadly LGMRT is nowhere to be found and it doesn't look like it's gonna restock soon enough.
I understand the technical reasoning for U12A with the fans and heat pipes, but ultimately cooling performance is king and since it's around on par with D15S and U14S those peculiarities don't really matter to me that much. Price premium is very real though.

Quote: Originally Posted by AlphaC View Post
Depends on how high you are overclocking , I can tell you for a fact that True Spirit 140 Power and NH-U14S both can handle a Ryzen 7 2700X / Ryzen 7 1700X overclocked , even more so if you're not using AVX instructions to encode or whatnot.
I'm aiming to achieve maximum 100% stable(Linpack Extreme, Prime95) frequency within the safe voltage limits. Can't be sure about frequencies at this moment though. Anyway, it would be great to not be limited by cooling.

Good to know regarding the 2700X cooling. I doubt that 3800X is going to be able to get much hotter. And as a 6-core CPU is the more likely buy, it looks like any of the mentioned coolers will be more than enough.

Quote: Originally Posted by doyll View Post
Not knowing what motherboard you are using means we don't if wider coolers you are considering will not overlap your 16x PCIe socket. Just a thought.
Problem is I don't know yet - none of the X570 are for sale yet. If there will be no decent affordable (under $200) X570 board then I'll go for MSI X470 Gaming Plus. As far as I've checked, none of these coolers should interfere with PCIe x16 slot on modern motherboards.
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