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Quote: Originally Posted by doom26464 View Post
The gpu market makes me sad 😞

I still think navi isn't total wash when compared to the competition. But its not enough to really go over the top either.

Its not like vrs intel that's for sure where ryzen is a hands down better buy at this point.

If benchmarks, pricing and availability is good amd can still move a fair share of this. Nvidia still sells on blind mindshare even with such a let down that RTX is.

Pricing is not cool though this hurts too many budget builds for people trying to get into pc gaming.
AMD can take a good chunk of enthusiasts by doing something incredibly simple.


Specially in the era of NVMe & multi-GPU.

Those of us in that category wanna run both cards @ 16x, + multiple NVMe. whoever sells that to us for the lowest $ will get our money.

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