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Personally not a fan of mixing 2 different brands but it doesn't look bad at all.

That Duke is REALLY close to the HDD bay isn't it lol.

I just traded my Gigabyte Aorus Extreme 1:1 for a MSI Gaming X Trio as I really wanted to have all MSI parts for kind of like a theme in the build plus, easier to sync RGB this way as my boards also a MSI.

This card clocks horribly on stock, crashed in Metro Exodus @ 4k Ultra almost instantly on 2010 core and even 1995 crashes. 1980 seems to run fine with 8200 memory but that is... Literally +20 over stock boost.. also got REALLY hot. Like, 70c on 85% fanspeed hot.. Usually the MSI ones are amongst the coolest running cards.

So, ignoring the warranty sticker on the screw as I couldn't care less about the validity of those things in my country, I repasted and remounted it with Prolimatech PK-3.

It went from 70c @85% to 52c @62%.

Then, I pulled out the curve editor in MSI AB, maxed it out @ 1950 @ 1093mv.
Started pulling up the core clocks. Going from 1043mv to 1093mv means it can now run 2070 stable so far and even ran 2085 for a while.. seems like Turing really likes voltage lol.

It's now running 58c @ 64% with 2085/2070 core and 8200 mem with 1093mv and it's getting within 3% of the 109% powerlimit now in Metro Exodus (1080p supersampled to 4K)

Shame 1093mv is the hard cap.. the Gaming X Trio PCB / VRM would run 1,25v easily.. wonder if it could do like, 2200mhz then..

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