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Quote: Originally Posted by skupples View Post
i just said it in another thread, whoever sells us the most lanes @ the lowest cost will get many of our $$$$$

why? cuz of the above. We wanna run 1-2 GPUs @ 16x each + 2-4 NVMe @ 4x each... Why? Cuz some of us like to keep a ton of ultra-fast data on our gaming PC & are tired of the now old & tired SATA SSD raid solutions.

not to mention most of us in the above are @ resolutions where 1-2% CPU nonsense means nothing.
If you just want a ton of lanes, a TR 1900X and ASRock X399 phantom Gaming 6(3x x16; 3x x4; 1x x2) can already be had for less than €500 if you buy at the right time, I don't see 62 lanes getting much cheaper any time soon.
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