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My Turkish is non-existent nowadays. Anyone know and want to translate or has it all been covered by sources?

The RAM OC strikes me as something that may affect those scores. However, the clock is not right, and I suspect this is an engineering sample. One of the leaks I saw of this mystery processor long before Dr. Su announced it at E3 had an A0 stepping, which I've concluded meant an ES processor. I've played with Intel ES processors in the past bought in bulk that were A1 stepping and thus not meant for mass production.

Quote: Originally Posted by guttheslayer View Post
Intel have much bigger resources than you might think, if they have to dump their SSD department and others investment and fully focus on coming out with killer CPUs, they will do it.

But first, they need to retrench the bunch of useless and greedy ppl at the top management.
You're quite correct, mate. They have immense resources. They spend several times over AMD's total R&D budget each year for their CPU division let alone all other divisions at Intel. How's that worked out for them the last 8 years? Is the 2600K one of the great processors that stood the test of time, or is it simple a good processor when compared to pitifully churned out product since Sandybridge?

You can use Google's custom search settings to look for Intel 10nm being brought up way back in late 2011, early 2012. I suspect Core and later revivals were just very lucky incidences for Intel and they chose to untap as much performance as they could from an architecture.

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