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Quote: Originally Posted by NightAntilli View Post
It actually sounds like nVidia is in damage control mode. Couldn't be, could it?
Yes they are completely OCD about having a response to everything their competition even their partners do. Every single word not just product.

I didn't find a single anti lag setting ever in NVCP or in the linked guides one of which is paid download from some 3rd party for Win optimization! They got squat nothing especially if AMD has lower latency with Navi.

Only some games support Ansel and even those they advertise that do their initial version that I played did not or it was outright disabled because well multiplayer.
The effects are childish at best and only worthy thing in there is screenshot capture at stitched resolutions and automatic conversions to wide angle views.

Freestyle... unless you have GFE bloatware (in beta mode still probably) that injects it into your games you're not getting it. It's effects similar to Ansel, probably of low value unless one needs to fix some crappy in game tonemapping. Still you gotta have GFE installed and running, no thanks. All that people seem to do with Freestyle is oversaturate colors so that they look artificially fake and pop out more on people's poor TN panels. Same FAD that's been going on with NVCP digital vibrance etc.


Ray tracing has been around since CPUs exist.

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