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Quote: Originally Posted by SwitchFX View Post
I'm not one to nitpick at others representations, but using percent here feels a bit disingenuous to most consumers even though this is an enthusiast site. As you pointed out, there is a large, significant difference in score from the TR1 chip, however, for the Intel processor, there's over a 400 Mhz difference which shows just how much of an IPC improvement there is with Zen 2 over Intel. I'm not sure if this comes down to using the TSMC process or because 12nm and 14 nm on GloFlo was a highly modified mobile platform on licensed tech from Samsung. Unfortunately, that stuff is way out of the breadth of knowledge I know so I'm open to anyone who knows it to explain why apart from that and the modification of how IF works that AMD managed to best Intel, obviously based on what we know and not third party benches.

Not sure I get your point, I clearly state 9% lower frequency than 9960X but yielding about the same score? 5400/5928 = 0.91 or 91% of the 9960X frequency or 9% lower.
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