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Are you sure about that?
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Quote: Originally Posted by F3RALi View Post
Hi man. i love youre works on youre cpu. and im amazed to see how you Overclocked Q9650 to 4Ghz and more.
can you teach me how can i Overclock My cpu q9650
my spec is:
Motherboard DFI P75 T2Rs Dark Elite
8 Gig DDR2 RAMs
Vram GALAX GTX950oc 2 Gig
PSU Corsair vs650
What cooler do you have? If somewhat decent cooler 4GHz should be pretty easy on a Q9650 assuming is an E0 stepping. FSB of 445 and the stock multiplier of 9 should net you right at 4GHz, set fsb voltage to 1.25v or 1.3v lowest you can is better, and core voltage of 1.35-1.4v should be more than enough but you can go up to 1.45v if thermal headroom allows and your CPU needs it. Mine needs 1.55v (in BIOS before vdroop) but ends up being 1.47v ish.

Of course an FSB that high is all dependent on your RAM, you might wanna try a different divider if your board supports FSB:RAM dividers, DDR2 may make things a bit more difficult but not impossible.

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