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Quote: Originally Posted by _vogonpoetry_ View Post
Is this different than before? The first Combo-AM4 BIOS were released over a month ago.

Or did you just get around to testing one?
194 are only a few weeks

Quote: Originally Posted by ilmazzo View Post
I was out by some time.....

I'm still on agesa on my x470 taichi, not upgrading any soon to zen 2 so... would you suggest me to move to newer agesa and bios versions or what? I know is a lame question, but you know...I don't have the time to test that these things deserve, anymore (2 children)...
to avoid conflicts with the new windows scheduler (1903) you will have to use AGESA Combo-AM4 or newer

Quote: Originally Posted by gupsterg View Post
Knew I should have got more than 1 run on UEFI 1002 / 2304.

UEFI 1002 AGESA PinnaclePI-AM4

MT: 71.4ns MC: 75.2ns

UEFI 2304 AGESA Combo-AM4

MT: 75.8ns MC: 79.3ns

UEFI 2304 MOD mCode

MT: 71.7ns MC: 79.7ns

Subsequent runs on modded UEFI.



Anyone one on AGESA Combo-AM4 or newer able to share results?


here are the results AGESA PinnaclePI

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