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R9 390 Strix

Quote: Originally Posted by kithylin View Post
It could just be the card overheating some how... All video cards, AMD or Nvidia will drop monitor signal, black screen, and throw fans at 100% until you hard turn the computer off if they overheat too far. It's a failsafe mode typically. Unless I'm misunderstanding, I think in one post you said it was hitting 93c. AMD cards are rated for up to 95c typically but.. anything in the 85~90c range is close to the "emergency thermal black screen" mode.

The ASUS R9 390X Strix is "famous" for its high temperatures, and unfortunately has a bad hardware design regarding cooling :-( I've watched a youtube video where some experienced guys did a hardware mod to reduce the temperatures a little, in the end they achieved a maximum temperature of 87c. For anyone interested, here's the link (german):

With generaleramons newest modded BIOS I now have a maxium temperature of 89c playing "Just Cause 4" on highest settings for almost 6 hours.

In my case, the black screens regularly DON'T occur when the GPU is running at high temperatures, but when it's dealing with simple tasks, like playing a video stream. I've had black screens after seconds I powered on the PC and started a video stream (not even in HD)!

However, so far with generaleramons newest BIOS mod I didn't have a black screen in "2D" affairs, and I'm hoping this will not change. I will report back - fingers crossed
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