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Quote: Originally Posted by ThrashZone View Post
EOL for win-7 means no more borking updates passed along that's a good thing
MS can't even release a basic bug free win-10 yet each is worse than the prior so every new build makes older builds seem better
I agree

I have 13 workstations with Win 7x64 that are working great and I'm not planing on moving to windows 10 for years if ever.

I have tried Win 10 Pro for Workstation which have few benefit but nothing big opposed to windows home and Pro and after 2 weeks of playing around I've had it, there are so many issues, if not at first, MS will come up with some to make your life and experience miserable.

Even after altering some of the reg. MS sneaks in the background poking your system the way they want it and unless you have firewall with decent leak protection you would never know thins.

Updates! your system can run as smooth as can be until ugly update messing you up.

Settings! I've know this that regardless, some of the settings reverts back to defaults, even if you change them.

I think Windows 10 might be worse than Vista which was failure of OS

As far is security goes! In my opinion, the way MS dictating you and the way updates are screwing your system most of the time, I think you more venerable then being on Win 7 but that's how I see it.

FYI. Heck I still have few Win XP that are sharing files over my home and office network and still working great without any breaches whatsoever, keep your hardware and software firewall tight and its all good.

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