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NVMe not detected on a cold boot

Hey guys i'm having some trouble with my NVMe in my new PC i'm hoping someone might have the answer to.

I've built a new PC, and everything works perfectly when its up and running.

My problem is that most of the time, my NVMe drive isn't detected on a cold boot. (PC being off for an extended period of time)

It says boot files missing on a black screen, if i go straight into bios, my hard drive isn't listed under the boot options. However, if i then restart my PC, it will detect the drive and start up fine.

Heres my specs..

Ryzen 1700 (stock cooler)
16gb DDR4 Corsair Venegeance LP 3000mhz ram

Gigabyte Auros x470 ultra motherboard
Corsair MP510 240gb NVMe SSD

Aerocool Integrator 700w Bronze PSU
Palit Jetstream GTX 1070
1tb Toshiba HDD

So far ive tried..

-re-seating the drive
-trying it in a different port
-checking the NVMe for errors (comes back fine)
-changing motherboard battery
-updating motherboard bios (is now on latest)
-upgrading NVMe firmware (already on latest)
-disabling CSM in bios (fastboot already disabled too)

I also disconnected the other drive when installing windows, so the boot manager is definitely on the NVMe also.

Ive googled this but with no final solutions found.


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