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Quote: Originally Posted by 1Kaz View Post
I do not run the steam hardware survey. I would if all it checked was hardware, but it also checks everything that is installed on the computer. I see no reason to give them that information.
Probably neither as it takes them years to show up that survey and then they often want to collect so much info, nah no thanks, you're doing it anyway secretly so why should I give you consent

Steam survey is pretty useless anyway, it changes based on their whims and desires, they add and remove groups of users as they see fit. As in why not cut out Chinese iNet cafes, etc. so they did something like that some time ago which shifted the hardware survey a lot, they also keep inactive machines in the survey and so on. The reality of actual active and used machines is different from the crappy Steam survey. You're better off looking at what and how many GPUs, CPUs sell in last 3 years to users at home.

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