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Cleaning Contacts with Gun Cleaner

Does your typical CLP gun cleaner conduct electricity? Would it be safe to ue as both a lubricant and cleaner for contacts? Would it need to be dry before making a connection?

I'm wondering if it can be used to clean old copper or gold contacts. We have our old radios and this year I'm hoping to stop these chuckleheads from licking the radio contacts when they don't work. Sure, it gives an immediate Signal, but it causes oxidation and wears out the contacts. Then the components are labeled as "bad", but they really just need cleaning.

I know one of the old things I used to do for the N64 was use petroleum jelly, but it's not always available. What is always available, however, is a tiny bottle of CLP in every soldier's weapon's cleaning kit.

Thoughts? Am I just crazy?

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