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O&O shouldn't add any real load to the CPU, GPU or PSU, O&O is just a UI for editing your registry and a few other things.
However if you're editing running Windows functions while the GPU is banging off the power limit, down clocking/undervolting and repeating until the GPU finds a clock speed it can settle on, I can see you having any number of issues.
Furmark used to be a thermal test so that you could see if your voltage and power settings were able to be cooled by the cooler and powered by the PSU...to test overclocks usually. It's not a stress test and it never really was, if you use it to test thermals and power, you're doing it right. However now that GPUs clock speed and voltage fluctuate based on temp, you can't thermally test an OC this way because it simply won't hold the clocks. If we had full BIOS control we could force it to hold boost and voltage at a much higher temperature, I think they should hardware voltage lock the cards to an extent, maybe +10%, and give us full control over the rest. The voltage and power are going to stop scaling long before you risk damaging anything with voltage.

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