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The default on most games is 1 pre-rendered frame, if not do yourself a favor and force it to 1 in NVCP but who still uses 3 frames in their game engines?

I suppose Navi still has a HW scheduler and that's good I think. Nvidia moved this kind of load to CPU with Kepler hence their performance is more CPU tied and CPU limited and also loves to cause higher DPC latency as the driver takes long time sometimes/every new launch lol.

Where is that magic setting in NVCP to reduce latency? Please Nvidia do tell us, because pre-rendered frames isn't it, that's something that's supposed to be and is set by the application/game and should only be force changed in NVCP when the change works and doesn't cause issues.
Even Polaris 10 has almost 10ms advantage vs GP106, 3rd party measurements with a high speed camera.

RX580 vs GTX1060
16.87ms vs 25.33ms, no sync
Best cases: 16.87ms vs 18.87ms

There is latency to be cut down in drivers of both corporations. They bloat them endlessly year over year. 500MB NV driver is freakin' unreal. Not that AMD's 352MB is any better. That's some damn lot of code that one can fit into so many MBs.
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