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Quote: Originally Posted by Reous View Post
Maybe this deserves a new own thread? How to teaching Bios modding by myself?

A member from HWLuxx asked the support and they said they will pull out new bios around Zen2 launch with Agesa ComboAM4 1002.
Why does this not surprise me!? They have the source for 1003 and we get 0072 - yet we're on the current top tier X470 board I've found 2304 to be not quite stable, no mater what I do. If this is the case, I might go back to AGESA 1006 until the update comes - was easier to stabilise - for me, anyway

Thanks Reous - let's hope they're wrong and we get it this week. What a shame we can't make use of the new Windows Scheduler for Ryzen until we get the bios.

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