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Well... also with generaleramons newest BIOS, in the end I got a black screen by starting a simple video stream :-(

Quote: Originally Posted by xtremefunky View Post
I really dont want you to do that. But for me it was the only solution to handle the BS.
Everything else like on your card didnt worked.
I know the following solution is maybe not the best, but its oviously better than a useless blackscreening card.
Flash PT1 or PT3 Bios. Cant remember which of them had no Vdroop. Take the PT wich has Vdrop.
And you will have some nice days with your card. (only if you have a reference card, works maybe on some
customs... but no warranty for that)

This suggestion sounds interesting, but I'm not sure if I should take the risk to brick the GPU, because after searching for "PT1" and "PT3" with google, I only found threads which all have "290" in their title - although, in my case we are talking about a "390X" card! I've read that there are some modded BIOS in the wild coming from a "390" GPU to be flashed on a "290" GPU, but is it actually possible vice versa, too?

And regarding "better do not try it with a custom card", I do think that the ASUS STRIX R9 390X DirectCU III OC is not coming directly from the manufacturer, but from a "third party" company, so it's not to be considered as a reference card, am I right?

Can anyone resolve my doubts?
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