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I don't have AC:U but I play different AC and tested ACC = Assetto Corsa and AC Competizione and those have some nasty input filtering in the game engine as well even dependent on frame rate, normally you may not notice but once you start doing custom key binds you find out you need to add delays for key/button presses for the game to have time to recognize them.

The cake of worst latencies from recent games takes Apex Legends, that thing is brutal in multiplayer which ultimately is the only game mode it has, even on online training map it's fairly snail inputs wise. But here the latency is caused by server-client operation, confirmation of actions by server, revocation of actions by server (=rubber banding, teleporting, no hits, ...), again latencies of client to detect actions of user, ...

Most modern games once shaders were introduced are a far cry from how snappy older games that didn't use modern graphics with shaders could run. The complexity and latency has increased quite a bit with more modern games/engines, in the input handling, in "logic"/physics/actions and in graphics processing latency (you can have 1000fps but what good is it when it's delayed by 1s from all your inputs, an example). fps is only one part of the "story", latency is another.

I don't have a high speed camera to bother doing comparisons, they can be found occasionally for various things. Be it monitors, GPUs, games, peripherals, ...

Hopefully at least something useful comes out of VR... a reduction of latencies overall.

Feel free to link any more comparisons of AMD vs NV latency, monitor fixed vs Async refresh, ...
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