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I am Patrick Schmalzried aka IPS.Blue, Co-Founder of Zaunkoenig. Thank you all for the feedback so far. I think I can clarify a few things:

Quote: Originally Posted by TranquilTempest View Post
Yeah, I think 0.8mm is still too thick to make carbon fiber worthwhile, because it's about twice as dense as ABS, and 1.6mm thick ABS should be plenty stiff for a mouse. Given the difference in young's modulus, they should be looking to get the thickness down to more like 1/4 the thickness you'd use for plastic, or less.
The prototype qsxcv has is indeed .5 mm all around. We decided to increase wall thickness for the two sides to .8 mm though: this drastically increases stiffness where it is needed the most, as someone using Fingertip Grip grips his mouse at the sides.
One of the advantages of using carbon fiber is that you do not have to use the same wall thickness everywhere. With injection moulding (read: making a normal plastic mouse) using more than one wall thickness is not recommended.

Quote: Originally Posted by MattKelly View Post
I want to get one of these in my hands so badly. For years I've obsessively analyzed physiology / pushing the boundaries of aiming. Reading their blog, it seems Patrick and Dominik have come to many of the same conclusions I have. Will be following this closely and would be very interested in a discussion with these guys.
Thanks, this means a lot to us. I have been thinking about Fingertip Grip since 1998, when I first played StarCraft. Back then I was forced to play with a mouse that was optimized for Palm Grip. More than twenty years later most gaming mice still are optimized for Palm Grip first with some compatibility for Claw Grip or Fingertip Grip second. When designing the M1K we optimized for Fingertip Grip first and only, with zero compatibility for other grips. It is impossible to make a great Palm Grip mouse that also is a great Fingertip Grip mouse.

Quote: Originally Posted by FoxWolf1 View Post
This is a promising start, but just two buttons and no wheel means offloading too many commands to the left hand in games, and having to switch to another mouse for non-gaming tasks.
I disagree regarding offloading too many commands to the left hand: your keyboard hand has access to many more keys than one could ever put on a mouse (though some gaming mice companies have tried their best in creating mice that look like keyboards). The great thing about keyboards is that it does not matter if they are heavy because you put too many keys on it. If you put additional keys in a keyboard there is no weight penalty. A heavy keyboard does not make you a slower player. When you put extra keys in a mouse you have a weight penalty: every time you move the mouse you have to accelerate more mass, which does make you slower. That is why when you want to add a button or wheel to a mouse it will only make sense if you use this function heavily.
Using a gaming mouse for gaming and another mouse for comfortably browsing the web with is a good idea. I would even recommend using a touchpad for browsing the web: that way you can relax your mouse hand. Repetitive stress injuries are very dangerous for professional gamers.

Quote: Originally Posted by kaybee View Post
How do I get my hands on a prototype? How much ? (Serious)
You are not the first one asking for that. Sadly we cannot sell before Kickstarter. Kickstarter does not allow that.
Anyone can contact us of course and explain why they would be a great beta tester.
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