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Are you sure about that?
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Quote: Originally Posted by Caffinator View Post
Lol my first build was for a rich friend, we literally went to Newegg and sorted each component category "Highest Price" and purchased. It was a Asus Striker II Extreme, Q9650, a big ass air cooler and a 1500 watt PSU. 4GB of DDR3 was about $800 at the time. It ran at about 3.6GHz until I built him a 2500k rig years later

Funny to see the parts for his $5000 build on eBay now for pennies
Yeah its still a fun platform to screw around with because the parts are so cheap, kill a cpu? That's fine, there's probably another one you can get for $20. Only pricey thing are the boards for some reason, my 790i cost $174 and that ain't even new, which I believe is similar to the ASUS version being an SLI board.

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